My postcards are snap shots of great images, great quotes and interesting sentiments as well as some scary facts and figures. Some will click through to other places and some will leave you to stew on what you have just read.

If you’ve got stuff that you want to share, drop me an email.  

Terrible and very real

The Possession Trilogy of books, whilst a work of fiction has a central theme of terrible and very real trafficking at its core. During my research for the books, I discovered some frightening facts and statistics which come out in these postcards. For more details you can read my blog on trafficking, or read the Possession Trilogy for a fictional perspective.

Great Quotes

I’ve always been a fan of great quotes, funny quotes, deep and meaningful quotes, quotes about being happy, and even famous people quotes. These postcards highlight my favourites.

Steamy Little Extracts



Interesting sentiments seems like a good way to describe some steamy little extracts or even actual thoughts by some of my book characters and others. In some cases these postcards are just stunning images, with interesting words attached. 


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