A gripping first instalment of this romantic and erotic thriller that traces the scorching sensuality of Eleanor and Josh and the heart stopping evil that threatens to tear them apart.

Wealthy attractive Josh Walker can have any woman he wants but when he meets musician Eleanor Montague, a sizzling string of desire begins to burn between them and he knows he must possess her. But independent Eleanor sees her future in music and ruthless and powerful mogul Bill Wilson promises he can make it happen for her. But under the cover of music, Wilson grooms then sells vulnerable women into sexual slavery through human trafficking and he has decided that Eleanor will be his next trade. Josh and Bill are drawn together in a deadly ritual of power and corruption, lust and passion where possession is ultimately nine tenths of it all. 

For the women, everything has changed as strengths become weaknesses and weaknesses become threats. Josh believes he is untouchable until fate steps in to reap its revenge and the ghosts of his past reach out icy fingers to rob him of his love. Suddenly he knows that he must fight for what is his as he accepts that possession is nine-tenths of revenge.
Although obsession and danger seem to surround Josh as his past lovers and deeds come back to haunt him, Eleanor knows that she is addicted to all the sweet madness of their mutual raw desire and cannot stay away. But greed and jealousy still prevail in the dark corridors of the wealthy and infamous and with danger lurking on all sides can Eleanor and Josh survive unscathed?


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© 2015 by Eve Atkins

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