Dean saw his opportunity.....


‘So Dean, will you come up here and bring the beautiful and very vocally talented Eleanor Montague up on stage with you to join us for this next number, which is called Aint gonna let you go.’

Dean jumped up and took Ellie’s hand and pulled her off her seat and up to the stage - the audience seemed delighted as everyone clapped and cheered.

She was glad that she had worn her tight velvet dress and boots, although not really dressed for a gig, she could probably pass and she followed Dean on to the stage and quickly adjusted the microphone stand.

Dean picked out the introduction with the bass player and as the lyrics came in the whole band were there, making an incredible noise.

‘Love came and hit me straight on the lips,’ she sang the raunchy lyrics and loved it – this was one of her favourite Bonnie Raitt numbers and she just loved singing it particularly as this band played it so well.

When the song was finished the audience erupted into a spontaneous applause and both Dean and Ellie took a little bow and left the stage. Pete praised their performance thanked them profusely.

The fast raunchy songs carried on for a little longer and then the bass guitarist came to the microphone and told the audience that it was time for a little smooching if they wanted to get down and dirty as the mood would now slow right down and the band launched into the next song, a romantic ballad.

The people didn’t need much encouragement and soon many bodies converged on the dark dance floor and began to move to the sultry music.

Dean saw his opportunity to have Ellie in his arms and fuelled by their success onstage and the red wine he asked her to dance and they made their way across the now fairly crowed dance floor; he felt his body begin to grow hot.

Ellie draped her arms around his neck whilst Dean held her around the waist with one big arm and his other arm went around her shoulder and he moved in close to her so that their cheeks were almost touching. Instantly he could smell her perfume and he felt his arousal start to build.

He tried to control it and arched his body away from hers, hoping that she wouldn’t notice his growing erection. But it was too late; she felt his hot breath on her skin as his lips all but brushed across her neck and she felt the heat of his body as it pressed against hers. Dean had a very physical presence, he was an attractive man and automatically her body reacted to his and she softly moaned. They moved so slowly to the music and Dean leaned in closer, all thoughts of propriety gone and he began first to trail his fingers across her back and then he began to kiss her neck, and she threw her head back to expose her skin to his expert kisses.

His mouth now moved up and captured hers in a passionate kiss and his arms pulled her in close to him so there could be no mistake that he was aroused and hot for her whilst his hands roamed over her backside. She responded with just as much fervour and moved her body over pulling him in close to her so that everything touched. It was electric, it was all so hot they were breathless, desperate for more... and the music stopped.

‘We are going to take a break now, see you in a little while,’ Pete the Guitarist said and the dance floor cleared. Ellie and Dean pulled quickly apart and, slightly dazed, they were left wondering what had just happened.