......he couldn’t wait to pour champagne over her body and lick it clean.


Isobel realised that she didn’t know much about William, but what could she do, she had fallen for him. Sometimes he was gone for weeks, so she didn’t see him that often, but when they met the sex was so good, it was mind blowing. He was good at keeping the connection too - he would send her sexy texts or emails, telling her he was thinking about her beautiful body or telling her that he couldn’t wait to pour champagne over her body and lick it clean. She would respond of course but the regular connection kept her simmering for him, thinking about him. She had promised him that soon she would allow him to restrain her, to dominate her, to flog her, but she still wasn’t sure about it, although she knew the time was coming when she would have to acquiesce.

  He had said trust was so important and even though he knew he could take her whenever he wanted, it was important to him that she gave herself willingly. He said that he couldn’t wait to see the red marks that the flogger left on her backside. He told her that he would restrain her with a soft rope with one arm tied to each bed post at the top and one ankle to each post at the bottom so that her arms and legs were outstretched.

  ‘With a pillow under your tummy,’ he said, ‘your soft backside and your sex will be nicely exposed to my touch, you will love it.’

  He was usually quite rough and seemed to want to completely overwhelm her, although she liked to be in control sometimes and so she would try to straddle him, and push her wetness down onto his hard cock, slowly teasing him. But he was so strong – he would wrap his arms around her tightly and flip her over so that he was on top and she would squeal in delight as he kissed her passionately and rammed into her.

She had asked him about himself of course but he always seemed slightly reticent to provide answers. She knew that he had had a fairly humble upbringing, and he had told her that his father was a baker and his mother a seamstress. He had hated being poor, he said, and so the moment he could, he had left home and got a job and started to wonder how he could make lots of money.

  He didn’t say much about the women in his life; had he been married? Had he been in love or found anyone special?

  ‘I’m not interested in going backwards, I prefer to live for today,’ he had said, ‘besides, I think that talking about other women in my life would make you crazy wouldn’t it? Anyway, I don’t need other women when I’ve got someone as feisty and beautiful as you,’ he had told her.

  ‘You know that I’m mad for you, don’t you?’ she had replied, ‘and I can’t stand to share and so if I find you are lying to me I’ll have to kill you, and the women concerned won’t fair much better, you do know that don’t you?’ she said playfully. She had said it with a smile but she meant every damned word - don’t you mess with me fucker she thought, not for a minute, I’m not as vulnerable and needy as I look.

  She had seen a photo of him with the musician Eleanor Montague and it made her seethe inside, but William had assured her it was just a coincidence that they just happened to be standing next to each other when a photographer snapped the picture. But Isobel had decided to find out about Eleanor just the same, and she had made it her business to become friends with her, only to discover that Eleanor was seeing Josh Walker, her ex- husband - and she hated the fact that this woman had interfered with two of the men in life. Isobel wouldn’t, couldn’t allow that to continue.

  Although she had been cleared by her doctors of the previously diagnosed obsessive disorder, Isobel was inherently jealous and possessive and she realised that if she didn’t give him what he wanted sexually, William would find it from someone else. She simply could not allow him to touch anyone else and could not contemplate the thought of him with another woman and so she had decided to surprise him. She knew where he would be and so called him and told him that she was on her way over and that she wanted to meet him in the bar as she had something to show him.

  Intrigued, Bill had agreed. Isobel was so fucking sexy and she wanted him all to herself, which he found a big turn on. He guessed that she would get nasty if pushed so he just strung her along and told her what he thought that she wanted to hear, careful where ever possible not to be photographed in public with any other women.

  He sat at the bar waiting for her to arrive and stood up to kiss her on both cheeks as she breezed in and sat down next to him.

  ‘Champagne?’ he asked.

  ‘Oh yes please,’ she replied.

  He looked at her as she loosened the belt on her coat and as she leaned forward to collect her drink he saw, or thought he saw, her naked breast under the coat. She looked over at him and smiled a wicked smile.   She wriggled around in her seat and the hem of her coat had moved up to reveal the lace of a stocking top with a line of bare thigh just above.

  She licked her lips and drank a little more of her champagne. Bill drank the amber liquid in his glass, finishing it completely.

  ‘You are so bloody sexy, woman,’ he said. ‘My mind and my imagination is telling me that you have come here to show me that you are naked under that coat and I should tell you that I want to ravish you, take you completely,’ he said feeling his cock tingle in anticipation.

  ‘Well, that is where you are wrong,’ Isobel replied, ‘I am wearing stockings and I wondered if you would want me to leave those on when you restrain me?’

  ‘Oh God yes, Isobel, yes, that would be good, very good. I’ve got some very good champagne upstairs, care to join me in a glass or two?’ he asked her.

  ‘Sounds terrific,’ she said.

  They moved into the lift and as soon as the doors closed he pulled open the belt of her coat to find her completely naked underneath and the black hold up stockings and high heeled shoes that she wore just seemed to accentuate the creaminess of her skin. He wrapped his arms around her waist and yanked her body close - her whole body pushing into his.

  ‘Can you feel that?’ he asked, ‘can you feel my cock pushing into you? I’ve been hard since you walked into the bar and after I have played with you for a while, I’m going to fuck you senseless.’

  She closed her eyes at the thought of his desire for her, it was intoxicating.

  Once in the room, he opened the champagne and filled a glass for each of them and then began to kiss her as he removed her coat and dropped it on the floor, caught up for the moment in the vision of her nakedness.

  ‘Sure you want to do this Isobel?’ he asked, ‘do you trust me?’

  ‘Yes to both questions,’ she replied ‘I’ve been thinking about you wanting me, controlling me, having your way and it has made me feel horny.’

  ‘Good girl,’ he said, ‘that is exactly what I wanted to hear and I know that you will love it.’

  He took her hand and walked her to his bed and told her to lie down on her tummy and, with a little trepidation, she did as he instructed her.

  First he slipped a blindfold over her head and secured it to ensure that her vision was completely obscured. He reached into a drawer to her right and pulled out some light-weight chord and proceeded to gently wind the rope around her right wrist before securing it to the post at the top of the bed. He repeated the action with her left wrist although this time he pulled the free end of rope very tight and leaned over to do the same with the other side and suddenly her hands were fully secured and she could not move. He did the same to her ankles securing them to the end posts of the bed and then pushed two pillows under her tummy which pushed her backside in the air exposing her in the most erotic way.

  ‘We’ll start slowly,’ he said, ‘we’ll build up slowly just to see how you like it. But it’s not just about pain Isobel, you do know that don’t you?’ he asked.

  Not waiting for an answer, he went on, ‘It’s a mix of pain and pleasure. The hard strokes of the flogger will make you extra sensitive and you will become very aroused, very wet and at some points, my fingers will play with your clit making you wetter still. The mix of the pain and the pleasure will push you to the very edge and you won’t know what is coming next. I will hold you on the brink of orgasm until you beg me to allow you to cum and then, oh Isobel, the fun will really begin. Are you ready?’

  She was a little surprised that the thought of it sent a shiver through her and she knew that already she felt hot and very, very horny.

  ‘Yes okay,’ she whispered, ‘I’m ready.’

  ...and she gasped as she felt the first flick of the flogger land on her backside, and then another and another until she became used to the feeling and almost embraced it and suddenly it stopped and she felt his fingers stroking her thighs.


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