Isobel hated the water, got sea sick in the car, let alone on a boat, so it never was love me love my boat with Isobel because as much as he tried to persuade her that sailing was fun, for Isobel, it was love me on dry land or don’t bother because I’m never coming on any boat – and she never did.

  In the beginning the relationship with her had been incredible! Josh had never really liked blondes – but Isobel had knocked him off his feet - almost literally! Isobel had worked with Helena, his first wife, and so they had met once or twice at their company functions. She had been running and talking on the phone at the same time, arguing with someone he later suspected; she got distracted and ran straight into him, pushing Josh into someone else who fell over. By the time it was all sorted out, Isobel and Josh were firm friends and had arranged to date.

  Back then, Josh had readily swopped his dreams for days of delight and nights of passion with Isobel, a bubbly blonde with the best set of knockers he’d ever seen. But once the passion began to wear thin he realised that the whirlwind romance with Isobel and the enormous wedding had been a sort of smoke screen, they had nothing in common, and they didn’t even like the same music or films. He became more distant, she even more crazy and possessive.

  Ah well – it was over now and he wasn’t sorry.

  When it came to love he knew that Helena, his first wife, had been his soul mate, the love of his life and when she had been killed suddenly in a horrible boating accident at a work function, he fell apart for a while and then on the rebound he had met Isobel and fallen quickly for her and her intense ways.

It was Oscar Wilde who said that everything is about sex except sex – sex is about power and there was no doubt that Isobel had put a metaphorical spell on Josh, she had him wanting her, desperate for her and that gave her the power and it wasn’t a feeling that Josh was used to.

Control was something that Josh would not relinquish where sex was concerned; he wanted it his way, although paramount in that was his intent to ensure that his partner was always begging for more, literally if possible.

  But sex with Isobel had been incredible. It was all mind games at the beginning as she got him hooked with tales of erotic liaisons, hot sex in public places just out of sight, and secret affairs in luxurious hotel rooms. She knew what she wanted and absolutely oozed a certain sex appeal coupled with an innate vulnerability and he could never quite work out how she did it, how she turned him on so much.

  His mind went back to the first time with Isobel.

  Josh had a client to see in London so he had suggested that Isobel get the train down so that they could meet for dinner and a show and then she could get the train back later or maybe stay the night afterwards he thought to himself. Josh told her that he had booked a hotel room so that they could shower and change before going out - he also told her playfully that as the evening wore on he planned to seduce her if he could. Isobel had just smiled a knowing smile. She had later told him that she was desperate for him and had to try very hard not to give herself and her feelings for him away too soon.

  Oh Isobel –

  So he had met her from the train and on the way to the hotel they started to kiss in the back of the taxi. Josh knew that she could feel the pressure of his erection through his clothes pushing into her leg. Perhaps he should have known then although it was probably already too late.

  Once in the hotel room as they started to kiss and get passionate again, his phone began to beep with an incoming call.

  That bloody phone call he thought now, that was the beginning of the end for me - I shouldn’t have taken the call but it was business and it was important.

  He remembers sitting at the desk with the big mirror forming a back drop, writing a few notes about engine design flaws – oblivious perhaps to the dangers that were Isobel, and then it started...

  As he talked to a colleague on the phone, Isobel began to remove her clothes and as she slipped out of her dress, Josh looked up from his notes and caught a glimpse of her body in the mirror; her full breasts inside silky lingerie, lace topped stockings and the smooth creamy skin of her thighs.

  She knew he was watching - she licked her fingers and let them slide inside the top of the lace bra, stroking the swell of her cleavage. She slowly pulled down the thin straps to expose her breasts, and continued touching and pinching her hard nipples - she knelt up on the bed, her eyes holding Josh’s reflection with a wanton stare.

  Josh still held the phone to his ear, but his eyes were fixed on Isobel now - his breathing becoming a little more ragged.

  He remembered that Isobel licked her fingers again, this time sliding them inside her silk panties, touching and playing with her now very wet pussy. Josh was simply unable to drag his eyes away, as he tried lamely to carry on with the phone conversation, although he had started to um and eh quite a lot.

She licked her own juices from her fingers and still staring at Josh’s reflection she mouthed the words, ‘Fuck me.’

  His already hard cock seemed to turn to stone. He knew without doubt that he had to have her, had to hear her begging him not to stop as he licked her all over and pushed his big cock into her wet pussy, making her cum over and over again.

  But she had him - he lost all concentration - starting to babble into the phone and trying to regain his composure he forced himself to look away from the mirror and from the sweet torture of Isobel and her wonderful body wanting to be fucked. But Isobel wasn’t finished. She slowly walked over to him, pulled him up from the chair and unbuckled his belt and pulled down his trousers releasing his enormous erection then pushed him gently back down in his seat and began to lick and suck his hardness.

  Josh felt his heart beating faster as he watched his cock slipping in and out of Isobel’s gorgeous mouth – it was so fucking erotic. Josh has no choice but to end his phone call.

  After that he jumped up and pinned her to the wall with one big hand, he held her wrists together over her head, kissing her neck, biting her nipples, letting his free hand wander over her body as their mutual lust took over, they had raw animal sex again and again. 


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