You’re the first real women I’ve met in a long time that has something about her.....

Josh just assumed after that kiss that Ellie had given her unspoken agreement to a night cap (and more) on the boat, so he grabbed her hand and just steered her in that direction as they walked back along the dock walk towards the marina gates. When they got within range, without hesitation, Josh smoothly reached into his pocket and pressed the button and the gates began to swing open.

  Josh asked her if she liked brandy or rum, more to distract her from thinking about walking through the marina gates, than any real interest in her answer. But when she told him that she wasn’t much of a drinker he pushed on with the subject as they got closer to Hinewai.

‘Well you did OK knocking back the red wine over dinner,’ he teased, ‘so what do you drink after dinner? What about Port?’ Ellie pondered for a moment.

  ‘Yes,’ she said, ‘a small glass of port is rather nice.’

  ‘Well you’re in luck...’

  I hope I am - Josh thought.

  ‘It just so happens that I’ve been saving a rather good bottle of port for an occasion just like this.’

  ‘An occasion? Well erm, I, um,’ Ellie stuttered.

  ‘Oh good here we are,’ beamed Josh. ‘Come aboard and say hello to Hinewai,’ he said climbing onto the deck,   ’you might want to slip your shoes off, easier to get about down below.’

  Before she could have any further doubts Ellie took Josh’s outstretched hand and climbed aboard. As she slipped out of her suddenly inappropriate shoes, Josh disappeared below decks. She saw lights coming on and soft music began to play and filter back up to the deck.

  She took the opportunity to look around her. What a magnificent boat, it was neat and shiny, polished wooden decking, red furled sails and a very tall dark wood mast, brass posts, rigging and ropes were scattered around and a shiny chrome rail ran around the whole perimeter.

  Josh came up to the join her on the deck and said, ‘Welcome to my home.’

  ‘It’s lovely,’ Ellie said, ‘really lovely.’

  ‘But you haven’t seen it yet,’ he said, ‘come down to my living quarters.’

He turned around and descended a short flight of stairs sort of backwards and so she did the same thing. Josh stood at the bottom of the steps watching her wonderful legs take each step so carefully. God he wanted to touch her, run his hands up those long legs to that sweet, sweet spot above. But patience he told himself.

  It was hard to take it all in. ‘It’s just like Dr Who’s Tardis,’ Ellie exclaimed. ‘It’s much bigger than I thought it would be. You’ve got proper furniture and a proper table and everything. Sorry that didn’t come out right,’ she said, ‘I mean it’s much more than I thought it would be, it’s lovely and you have lovely taste too.’

Josh smiled and showed her the little galley kitchen which had all the necessary equipment to cook and wash pots and the spare room with its small double bed and finally the master suite.

The bed was huge, and there was room enough for a small table or dresser and a small worn leather armchair sat in the corner. There was a large porthole type window in the ceiling above the bed which meant she supposed that Josh could fall asleep whilst gazing up at the stars.

  I love that porthole up there,’ said Ellie gesturing toward the bedroom ceiling, ‘must be marvellous in the dark.’

  ‘Oh yes,’ he replied, ‘it is, let’s open the port.’

  Ellie followed Josh as he moved back into the main living area pouring out two glasses of port and handing one to Ellie. ‘Please make yourself comfortable Eleanor,’ he said.

  ‘You can call me Ellie if you want to,’ she said.

  ‘I’d prefer to call you Eleanor if that’s OK, it’s such a lovely name,’ Josh replied, but he noticed she stayed standing, well leaning actually against the panelled wall.

  ‘I like you,’ he said. ‘You’re the first real women I’ve met in a long time that has something about her.’

Josh knew he had to be careful, he didn’t want to frighten her away by coming on too strong too soon but he wanted her to know that he already thought she was rather special and whilst he really couldn’t wait to undress her, to trail his fingers over that gorgeous body, he wanted her to know that he knew that once would simply never be enough.

  ‘You’ve got your own life, your own business,’ he went on, ‘your own dreams and your own opinions. You’re independent but so, so feminine and fucking sexy as hell!’ Josh moved closer to her.

Ellie felt good but a little shell shocked at his words and in that moment she looked him up and down again. What a body. He’d taken off his jacket at some point and his shirt was now pulled tight across his chest outlining the muscles of his abdomen and those big arms and he had such big hands and long fingers. Images of what he might do with those hands jumped into her head.

  Their eyes met and his hands went to her arms to each side of her effectively trapping her against the wall. His mouth went to hers, as Josh slowly nipped her lips, his tongue lapping at her lower lip. Next he moved to her neck with small gentle butterfly kisses and bites. It was too much and a small moan escaped her and Ellie writhed and tried to push him away. Josh moved his mouth back up to meet hers and began kissing her again. She stopped resisting and kissed him back, her tongue pushing into his mouth, playing with his tongue - so much heat, so much passion. She tried to arch her back and push herself up against him. She guessed that he was hard but she had to know for sure. He stopped kissing her and looked at her holding her gaze.

  ‘I want you,’ he said, ‘I really want you; I want to feel your body under me writhing with pleasure.’

How could he say such things, how did he know that these words were just what Ellie wanted to hear? Josh took her left hand and then her right hand brought them together and kissed her palms and then her wrists slowly, evocatively and then raised her arms up and over her head holding her wrists there with one big hand.

  Josh began his kissing again whilst his free hand wandered across her body, across her breasts. Ellie gasped as he pushed his hand inside her dress and found her breast squeezing and pinching the hard nipple.

  ‘No, no,’ she whispered, ‘no.’

  He stopped and looked at her again for a moment. He released her hands and they dropped to her sides, their eyes locked, and desire flowing raw and strong between them. Ellie reached out then and touched his face, slowly stroking around his cheeks down to his chin. She ran a finger across his lips and then down onto his chest. That was the only sign that Josh needed - he grabbed her hand and spun her around so that she was in his arms - he held her in place as her back pressed up against him and Ellie could now feel his big cock, a hard erection pushing into her back side as he began again the sweet onslaught of kisses to her neck, kissing and biting, gently licking and nipping at her so very sensitive skin as his hands roamed across the front of her body.

  Josh was so hard that he could almost feel his cock throbbing with anticipation. He had imagined this moment; he knew that he had to have her at his mercy, but willingly. He turned her again and began to unfasten the buttons of her velvet dress revealing black lacy lingerie underneath and that voluptuous body.    ‘You are stunning,’ he breathed.

  Ellie reached up and began to kiss his neck, her hands in his hair. Then, when their mouths touched again, Ellie was sure that she felt an electrical charge, a spark between them and Josh took her mouth, biting her lips gently, pushing his tongue into hers.

  He took her hand and led Ellie into the master suite.