He became a powerful man and looked for attractive people knowing that’s what the public wanted.....

Bill Wilson had found it easy to make money because he knew that the fundamental of good business was supply and demand. You just have to find out what people want and give it to them and the more difficult that something was to get hold of, the greater it was desired and the greater the desire, the higher the price.

  At the start of his career he had looked around at ordinary people and what they wanted and needed in their ordinary lives. Then he looked at their dreams, at their desires and he tried to find ways of cashing in on those dreams and desires.

  Because he was a keen musician himself and knew a little about the desire to be a star and earn the money and adoration that went along with that, he started out with music as his base business.

Bill set about finding people with lots of musical talent; bands and vocalists of all types and genres from rock to rap and classical to Indie and everything in between. He kept his finger on the pulse of what the crowds wanted and set out to give it to them. He offered management services to cover everything and had connections with the right people - the right music publishers, the right record promoters, the right tour and merchandising people and of course the right labels. He became a powerful man and looked for attractive people knowing that’s what the public wanted. He had many women offering themselves to him sexually in return for the guarantee of a record deal, or just his services which were a considerable benefit to any musician.

  He loved the power he had over people and he began to abuse that power very early on in his career by simply taking advantage of people’s dreams.

  He had discovered that some women would do almost anything for the chance of a record deal, or a shot at being famous. Bill had wide sexual tastes which always sated his sadistic tendencies and encompassed bondage and dominance, so nothing he did was mainstream or vanilla.

  He had a lot of sex with some very beautiful women and he particularly loved to restrain them and then whip them; he loved to see the marks he left on their soft backsides before he pushed his hard cock into them and made them beg for more.

  It always delighted him that there seemed to be no shortage of volunteers keen to keep him happy again and again, sometimes in return for a chance of fame.

  He met the Walker family by chance as Alexa Walker had sent him a letter and a CD of her performing a song that she had written herself. Bill knew instinctively that she was good so he arranged to see her and hoped to hell that she was attractive.

  She arrived at the appointment with her brothers Josh and Sam Walker, who were clearly very protective of their younger sister. Bill explained carefully that he thought she had good possibilities of taking things further as her song was good, she had a great voice and she was attractive too.

  ‘I know it sounds shallow,’ Bill told them in his best music mogul voice, ‘but it is unfortunately a bit of a requirement these days. People buy people as well as the music and looks do count, but no worries for you in that department,’ he said smiling at Alexa.

  She beamed right back at him.

  Bill told them that the next step would be to cut a proper demo in the studio which he would arrange.

Josh and Sam Walker seemed content with Bill and his explanations and they all seemed to get along well. They shook hands as Bill said that he would contact Alexa with a date to make the demo.

  Once they had gone, Bill took a deep breath as he thought about Alexa Walker. She was gorgeous, and those lovely curves and long legs in someone so young, she was as sexy as hell and he knew that he had to have her for himself. He imagined tying her across a big bed and whipping her and fucking her – delicious.

Bill arranged for the demo within the week and Alexa showed up again with her brothers who sat watching while Bill and the engineers got everything ready. They soon set about making a demo with Alexa singing her song and covers of three more songs.

  Half way through the session the brothers seemed content that things were going well. They chatted to Bill for a while and then told Alexa they were going off to work. She confirmed that everything was fine and thanked them for coming. Josh and Sam both shook Bill’s hand and thanked him once more for all the help that he was giving to Alexa and then they were gone.

  They finished laying down the first two tracks by around seven in the evening and Bill said, ‘OK that’s it for today, any chance that you can come back tomorrow?’ Judging by her day-long excitement, he thought that he already knew what her answer would be.

  ‘Oh yes, try and stop me,’ she said.



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