Reader Reviews

Bold and exciting

It is a very steamy read-lots of raunchiness which to start with seemed a bit much but then you realise it's just setting the scene for the relationship between the two main characters-feisty musician Eleanor and wealthy attractive Josh as they draw you into the story with their extreme passion for life and each other.
I really liked the story-it was bold and exciting and the characters felt very real although I found myself shouting at the book sometimes because Eleanor was too quick to jump to the wrong conclusions and I wanted her to give Josh another chance. The main premise of the book also seemed very real and the quote on the book description about exploring the depths of human nature seemed more real than ever as you get into the story.
So overall an addictive read with a great mix of the erotic and the thrilling with a story that will keep you turning the pages in record time and when you get to the end if you are anything like me,you will have become involved in the lives of the characters and so will be keenly waiting for book two.

Possession is Nine-Tenths of Desire

A steamy love story with a serious side


I really enjoyed reading this book –for one thing it makes a nice change to read about a heroine , Eleanor ,who isn’t a weak and woolly femme fatal and a hero that isn’t the best thing since sliced bread although for me Josh Walker , the hero does come pretty close.
It’s a story about human nature and human trafficking and as I read it I realised just how easy it would be for traffickers to kidnap people and sell them on – an awful prospect but I’m sure it happens in the real world.
Anyway, it’s an exciting story with its share of lust and romance and it kept me flipping the pages till the very end. I’m already looking forward to book two.

Great first book, highly recommended...


I came across this book whilst browsing on Amazon, and was struck by the brief description of a tale of Sex, Greed, and the trade in people that goes on all around us. But are too blind to see.
The characters are believable, the story gripping. Josh is me! well at least in my head? The sex is wild and hot, well written and graphic.. but that's how sex should be! The villains are so real! cunning and obsessed with money and power ? The highs and lows of love, romance and relationships are all there.
This is a great read, wonderful story line that will keep you on the edge of your seat. And the great thing there is more to come..

It's left me wanting more...

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it certainly left me wanting more. The ending was really thrilling and I was in suspense until the very last few pages. Yes, there is lots of steamy sex but it was very well written and I admit that it made me cross my legs on occasions. I will certainly be recommending this book to my friends as the author got the balance perfectly right - a great storyline blended with some well written erotica!!

Hot Sex and a Great Plot

Attractive wealthy people brought crashing down to earth by their own stupid ego, arrogance and petty jealousies. This had everything that I love in a good book - a good story, hot sex, power and corruption, danger and deception all wrapped up in a love story - what else is there?