I knew that I wanted to write good easy to read stories that had a bit of bite. Initially I wanted to write a story that included something about the feelings and erotic passions of two people as they first get to know each other and how arrogance and too much pride can sometimes get in the way of something good and so the ideas for Possession were born.

  So when it gets right down to it, Possession involves my love of romance, my passion for music and performance as well as my interest in life on the water, and my latent dreams of luxury yachts. I have tackled in a small way the effects of mental illness and the seedy side of human greed, the abuse of power and sex trafficking play their part too. I have written more about these topics on my blog page.

  The Possession Series is a trilogy in a contemporary setting dealing first with Desire, then Revenge and finally Love and I believe that possession of one sort or another can and usually does link all of those together.

I’m an avid reader myself and sometimes I know it’s great just have the complete story in one book, so my latest book is a stand-alone novel called The Fire Inside.

I hope that you will click through to Amazon to download this, my latest book The Fire Inside. it’s prices at £.99p for Kindle and £5.54 for paperback

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Eve Atkins collage

  I was born and raised a Londoner but moved out to the country many years ago and I now live down a leafy country lane in the depths of Hertfordshire with my husband David.

  I have spent the majority of the last 20 years, working in regional publishing management writing features and articles as necessary for newspapers and magazines. I have been involved with music for as long as I can remember and have been a rock and blues singer fronting duos and trios as well as four and five piece bands performing in pubs and clubs and numerous venues great and small. I’ll still perform vocally for the right occasion - in the car, in the shower as well as private parties or fund raisers. To hear some of my music click on to the music link on the menu bar.