A certain fire can rage in us all...

in some cases blurring reason and stability

The Fire Inside – a story of vivid memories, raw emotion and ultimately, calculated murder

Extract from the latest book

She sat on a chair looking down at the blood that had trickled down from the corner of his mouth now just beginning to set like a blob of dark red jelly spilled on a carpet.

In the final moments, he had coughed a few times. That’s when the blood had suddenly appeared. But it wasn’t a gush of blood, more like a trickle, so there really wasn’t much mess.

That was more than an hour ago. There had been no more coughing, no more breathing. Just calm quiet. Her eyes swept the scene once more and once more she looked at the naked body stretched out before her. Considering his apparently unhealthy lifestyle, his body was in good shape. She knew that he was a gym regular, but even so, he looked good. Even dead he looked good. Actually he looked better dead. She chuckled to herself. Oh yes, he looked much, much better dead.

I’m a writer of romantic fiction as well as blogs and articles for online women’s magazines and portals. My books usually come with plenty of suspense, they often include crime, will frequently have a big slice hot romance and always lots of excitement. My writing is littered with strong women and alpha males with stories and characters that make the best kind of read. 




Looking for an exciting read with a little tingle?

Try The Fire Inside – it’s a stand alone tale of vivid memories, raw emotion and ultimately, calculated murder

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